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Rustic Ping Pong Table

The Rustic ping pong table is an enticing substitute for a small space or for a full size table, it's made of strong wood with positioner legs for a comfortable play. The table is conjointly effortless to clean and is splendid for tournaments.

Wood For Ping Pong Table

This Rustic portable ping pong table is unrivalled for individuals who admire american history and culture, the table is based on the design of the american flag and features a variety of colors and symbols. It is practical for lovers who adore playing ping pong and would like to create an unique and memorable table, this is an excellent place to keep all your ping pong games as well as store them in one place. The tennis rack is sturdy and sterling for holding all your games, the display wall mount is a first-class place to put your game images and to store your dvds or other items. The storage holder is additionally valuable for holding all your games and items from the game room, our custom wood ping pong table is dandy for people who adore to play ping pong. The table is manufactured with high-quality wood that is uncomplicated to move around, plus, it comes with a storage rack that makes it uncomplicated to keep you pong equipment. The tennis rack as well sensational for displaying your tennis tools and materials, this hardwood ping pong table is a top-of-the-line addition to your tennis or gaming room. The ping pong table provides a sturdy design and is manufactured of hardwood with a black finish, it is ideal for use in rooms with limited space or for storing relatively small objects. The table also includes a storage rack and a substitute of two tennis rackets and an imagination is genie's able to purchase an optional display wall mount.